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An archive of museum audio and documents available for the community to assist in transcribing. Portions will go up on the website and be accessed through the online catalog.

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Transcribe Oral Histories with KFH Museum

Posted September 13, 2023 by Archive Owner

The museum has interviewed over 50 individuals, but the histories will be searchable if they are transcribed. Work from home and help us complete individual histories.

Who Deserves an Archive?

Posted September 30, 2019 by Archive Owner

Among the many documents Dorothy Clark left behind was a handwritten list of attempts to be published. She sent articles to church magazines and the Reader's Digest--but not once was she published. As an amateur artist, Dorothy never had an art exhibit beyond the walls of her own home. Her handwritten letters--hundreds to family & friends--sat folded up in boxes for years. Her amazing life never made headlines. Her records are not held in any institutional archive. She was however a leader worth following--a mother worth remembering. She deserves an archive. What about your records? If family records are kept, they are often at risk of being lost, damaged, or forgotten. How will you ensure your records are preserved? Do your photos, journals, diaries, letters, and other precious family records deserve an archive? Do you deserve to be remembered? The answer is Yes. Kindex brings amazing archival tools to everyday families, making their records more accessible and relevant than ever.